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Raw Feeding - Bon Appetit

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Raw Feeding  - Bon Appetit

Our  highly popular range of Slobberlicious gourmet Raw dog food comes in an array of human grade raw feeding ingredients providing all the nutrients that your much loved pet needs on a daily basis.  Lots of people are raving about feeding their NEW puppy ‘raw by eliminating all preservatives, Colourings, Flavorings, Gelling & thickening agents, added sugars, meat derivatives and are gluten & grain FREE! = Fresher Breath More stable energy = Less hyperactivity! Easier to digest = gentle on sensitive stmoachs Reduction of allergies and intoleranes Highly palatable = improved appetite Regulates Weight – feeding a raw diet can save on vet bills later down the line too. Raw feeding will mean less output ( less poop to clear up! ).

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